Building Grrp.me

Written on: 08-03-2021

Building Grrp.me

Last week we launched our brand new startup grrp.me. The idea behind grrp.me is simple, one link for all. Users can create a free profile. On their profile users can add links. By pasting your grrp.me link in your bio, your followers can easily find all your important links. 

A simple use case

Let’s say you are an influencer on instagram. As an influencer you might be an interesting marketing tool for a lot of brands. Brands will ask you to promote a product or service on their website. If you are collaborating with multiple brands you need to be able to share multiple links at the same time. 

The problem, you are only allowed to put one link into your bio. With grrp.me you can redirect your followers to your profile on Grrp.me From there users can click the link they are interested in.


As a Grrp.me user you want to know how your profile is doing. That's why we have added analytics to the grrp.me dashboard. Users will be able to see the amount of clicks and profile impressions. These kind of analytics are very helpful when running a campaign. We are currently expanding our analytics. In the future users will be able to filter their analytics on date. We are also planning on adding additional information like bounce rate and session duration.

Expanding our content

Currently we are working hard on expanding the content on the website. This week we want to add the blog and support section so users can find all the information they need.

The support section will include a complete how-to section that explains how to use Grrp.me.

Welcoming new users to Grrp.me!

As the platform is growing we are welcoming more and more new users to Grrp. For me, this is probably the most exiting part of building a startup.

Create your free profile on Grrp.me today