Hello World!

Written on: 06-03-2021

Hi! I am Jens van Wijhe, a full-stack web developer and entrepreneur from The Netherlands 🇳🇱

As a web developer I like to work with a lot of different tools. Currently I am working on some interesting projects which I am going to blog about real soon. Most of the projects I am working on are built with Laravel, Vuejs and TailwindCSS.

Beter Bekend

I am the owner of Beter Bekend, a full service web agency based in Elburg, The Netherlands. At Beter Bekend we are specialised in e-commerce and web development. We love to work on complex stuff like custom booking systems and fully automated webshops. 

Spare time

In my spare time I like to go out for a hike. I also blog about my hikes and I have a Youtube channel where post videos of my hikes. Feel free to check out my channel if you are interested.

Me hiking in Austria 🥾